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  2. They are easier clients for mind control when I take over the world

  3. next step…..learn how to read braille.

    next step…..learn how to read braille.

  4. 'cause watches for normal people are too mainstream.


    I want to travel to Africa and find an abandoned tribe with no connection to modern man so I can rule them and they can be my subjects and they can feed me grapes.

  6. Not to offend anyone who goes there, (lol jk i have 7 followers and i know all of them….LoSeR) but UConn was just terrible.

    They had called my father and told him that I had received a full scholarship. Then, when my mom had called to confirm the full scholarship (apparently I’m not allowed to have a say, my mother has to call them and I cannot), the admissions office had again confirmed that I had a full scholarship.

    OK. Sounds all well and good, right? Wrong. UConn specializes in making themselves sound less mediocre by emphasizing percentages that sound good in theory, but upon actual investigation are not really that great. (Example….they advertised a 94% retention rate among students coming back for a second year, yet only around 60% of incoming freshmen actually graduate at UConn. Tricky.) AND, although I found this fishy, I figured hey, if it’s free I can deal with anything.  So I continued to listen and use my BS filter (which apparently needs to be replaced in my mother dearest’s and my auntie dearest’s brain) to differentiate between what was actually a good aspect and what UConn wanted these poor naive students to believe.

    Naivete is bliss.

    Upon requesting information concerning the parameters of my scholarship with an admissions counselor, the counselor I was speaking with didn’t have it written on file that I even received a scholarship. After a grueling and tiring search on the computer (it took about 13 seconds) she found that I received a HALF tuition scholarship which was only accessible to me if I enrolled and sent the deposit in ASAP. Apparently, this is the highest amount of money they can provide for an out-of-state college student.

    Now, I’m not complaining about the fact that UConn gave me a half scholarship. I’m complaining because they cannot get their act together and blatantly lied to BOTH of my parents. I doubt BOTH of my parents could have misheard what they said over the phone. They clearly said, “Is Nicole giving up or using her full scholarship grant?”

    On the bright side, my experience made me that much more excited about LEHIGH! WOO.

    /or disregard females, gain economic currency

    Moral of the story: When you want something done right, do it yourself because God knows…UConn can’t even get it right.

  7. Toasters kill over 700 people a year.

    Toasters kill over 700 people a year.

  8. Driving into a curb + the tire being bad = flat tire.

    Last week i ran over (or, as I believe is more likely, someone maliciously dug into my tire) a screw which led to a slow leak that I only realized when my friend pointed it out to me. It was rather annoying, but at least i had company as I waited for AAA to show up. Later, the guy at the Auto Repair shop fixed it by patching the hole. So, basically, it wasn’t the best tire to begin with as I accidentally hit the curb.

    This time, I was all alone. All by myself. With no one beside me. AND OF COURSE it had to happen right near Kellenberg, so that every Kellenberg student who happened to walk to McDonald’s or whatnot today watched mein kampf. And to top it all off, a good number of people decided to honk at me. OKAY THANKS. IT’S ALL CLEAR TO ME HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM AFTER YOU’VE NOW HONKED AT ME AND PROCEEDED TO SPEED BY. 

    I found some tools in my trunk that appeared to be useful, so I tried to fix the tire myself with no experience whatsoever. So i’m sitting there in a pile of rocks and dirt, twisting things hopelessly and lifting the car with a jack? I don’t really know what it’s called, but apparently it was upside down and the car could have fell over and crushed me. heh. Oops.

    Then, my savior appeared. He was disguised as a man wearing diamond earrings and a bright red sweatshirt, driving around on an electric scooter. It looked like a razor scooter, but with a motor attached.

    Personally I think he was a modern day Jesus. Real people are never that nice.

    Off to UConn tomorrow.

  9. my dream mobile <3

    my dream mobile <3

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